PE Curriculum

Enhance the quality of PE in school. To develop staff knowledge and confidence and put practical steps in place to help raise the schools level of delivery and achievement in physical education.

empowered Minds

Mentoring programme delivered by world class athletes, working with young people in alternative provision, to reduce risk of becoming NEET and provide purpose and opportunity.

Widening Participation

Designed to raise awareness of higher education, social environments and learn how to develop skills in team working, independent enquiry, self-management, reflective learning, effective participation and creative thinking.


To provide qualifications andĀ support the progression of our committed young people with coachingĀ  and leadership opportunities.

Manchester is among the worst performing Authorities for educational attainment, with 83% of other UK Authorities performing better across the English and Maths curriculum. 2014 data ranks Manchester as the 11th worst performing Authority for those aged 16 who are Not in Education Employment or Training.

At DMSF, we recognise the positivity in our youth population and are determined to tackle the critical lack of access to opportunity, lack of guidance and lack of adult role models.

DMSF partners with primary and secondary schools, trusts and academies across Manchester to encourage young people to join the programme and make a difference to their lives.

We find that young people from disadvantaged backgrounds often face a critical lack of access to opportunity, less family support, a lack of guidance and adult role models and in many cases, individuals struggle with low self-esteem and low aspiration. This often results in young people struggling to make a positive impact in school, have little to aim at in life and no motivation to try and achieve anything.

Disadvantage therefore often leads to a lack of attainment, to disengagement with the education process and little, if any, positive and realistic setting of personal life goals.


Escape negative distractions

Our programmes help pupils escape negative distractions and develop focused ways of thinking, so pupils can discover their true potential and focus on their academic studies.

Develop self-belief and assurance

Our programmes develop self-belief and self-assurance, so that pupils can find their place in the wider world and help them be successful across school.

gain transferable skills

Our programmes develop learning plans for young people where transferable skills such as time management, goal setting, team building, stress management, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation/rewards, and team leadership will be tracked and evaluated to boost pupils’ academic attainment.

connect with olympians

Our programmes provide opportunities for pupils to meet and hear from Olympic and Paralympic athletes and to experience the mindset and successes, which can be emulated and transferred by pupils to their academic studies.


The Diane Modahl Sports Foundation (DMSF) is a registered charity which works with young people from disadvantaged areas across the North West, enabling them to make the most of themselves in sport, school and life.

Registered Charity No. 1150767



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